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I also run several communities on Livejournal that are in some ways mini-sites. Although I do miss the old days where everyone had fansites, LJ (and it's clones) make it easier for anyone to run a fannish community. Please note that this is nowhere near the complte list of all the communities that I run.

Faded Dreaming

About: Before Fadeddreaming.com, I had the LJ community as a place to host my fanfiction. This is the most up-to-date place where I keep my fanfiction. That said, versions of it can also be found on Insanejournal and Dreamwidth under the same name.
Since: November 2007
Status: The LJ version is continually updated.

Hiru No Tsuki

About: A shared graphics community for myself, Ragna and a few others. Similar to the above community, this is the most up-to-date place for my graphics.
Since: May 2005
Status: Open


About: Picture communities devoted to Depeche Mode and David Gahan respectively. Sadly, they're not updated daily instead they have become a place where members can share images and graphics.
Since: August 2004 & December 2004.
Status: Open



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