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I currently own several domains. Some are up and running, while others are inactive. I am hoping to get all of the domains up and running by the end of the year.

About: In the past, my main site collective was attached to my Buffyverse fansite, however as my fannish pursuits grew and expanded, my site collective also developed. Pale-Shadows.net hosts my current site collective.
Since: October 2008
Status: Open

About: In the past, I've hosted my fanfiction on seperate archives dedicated to one or two similar fandoms as well as hosting it on two or three livejournal accounts. In November 2007, I decided to create a community on LJ called Faded Dreaming to for all of my fanfiction. In August 2008, I decided that I wanted all of my fanfiction on one corresponding archive as opposed to spread out on multiple archives.
Since: August 2008
Status: Open (still largely a work in progress.)

About: My first domain and my most neglected one at that. It's heyday was back in 2004. Due to a variety of reasons, the site was put on haitus in 2005. I've re-opened it recently with the intent to celebrate my appreciation for my first fandon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
Since: August 2003
Status: Open (still largely a work in progress.)

About: childofthemorning.com is simply a place-holder domain for a series of fanfiction generators for several different sites.
Since: November 2006
Status: Open

About: twilighttodawn.com came about early Summer/late Autumn of 2006 when I started having intermittent issues with connecting to the private server where my original sites were hosted. This was my first Dreamhost site as I had heard a lot about the company through friends and the such. It was originally intended to be a place for non-Buffyverse fandoms. Currently the site is inactive but will eventually be revamped.
Since: October 2006
Status: Inactive

About: Noiretgris.com will be the eventual home of a AU fanfiction series that a friend and I are writing together. The series encompasses the Buffyverse, the CSI-verse, and Supernatural.
Since: October 2008
Status: In progress


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