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These are all of my current sites. You can also read about my closed sites and my sites on hiatus.

Faded Dreaming

About: Faded Dreaming is a personal fanfiction archive. I also have a Livejournal community of the same name. This archive came about after many revampings of my original archives. It will most likely always be a work in project, however my goal is to eventually have all of my older fanfiction on the archive. Although I've had the domain since August of 2008, it wasn't until 2009 that I've really had time to work on it.
Opened: November 2009
Status: Open


About: Essentially my icon archive. It's in need of a major update since I went through a phrase where I was constantly making icons and not posting them anywhere but my LJ icon community.
Opened: September 2008
Status: Open


About: It seems a bit redundant posting this here as it is also listed under the domains section. Nonetheless, Pale-Shadows.com is my current site collective. I may at some point revamp my old Angel-Buffy site collective just for nostalgia.
Opened: April 2010
Status: Online

Master List of Random Pairing Generators

About: Making random pairing generators to help inspire fanfiction is rather fun and somewhat addictive. I currently have fourteen such generators in several different fandoms.I also have plans for a few more, as such, this page was born.
Opened: August 2008
Status: Online




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